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About Us

Planet Israel Farms is a Leading Exporter of Fresh Fruits from Israel.
Planet Israel Farms is a part and of Planet Far East Group
& Ohana Plantations and is a 3rd generation family owned farming entity.

We Export Fresh Citrus, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Concentrate fruit Juice, NFC, Puree and more.

Our Profession and Specialization are in Growing, Packing & Export Fresh Citrus, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Concentrate Juice, NFC, Puree & Canned Food.

Planet Israel Farms Vision is: 
To be a "One Stop Shop" and to supply all the needs, and requirements, for Importers of Fresh Products from Israel.

Our Products:

Fresh Citrus from Israel:
Fresh Grapefruits from Israel: Fresh Sunrise (Star Ruby) Red Grapefruits,
Fresh Sweetie Green Grapefruits, Fresh White Marsh Grapefruits.
Fresh Oranges from Israel: Fresh Valencia Oranges, Fresh Washington, Navel (Taburi) Oranges.
Fresh Orri Mandarin, Fresh Suntina Mandarins, Fresh Clementine, Fresh Tangerines.
Fresh Villa Franka Lemons, Fresh Eureka Lemons, Fresh Pomelo.

Fresh Fruits from Israel:
Fresh Madjhoul Dates, Fresh Hayani Dates.
Fresh Rid Avocado, Fresh Hass Avocado, Fresh Ettinger Avocado, Fresh Ardith Avocado.
Fresh Persimmon, Sharon Fruit, Fresh Wonderful Pomegranate.
Fresh Galia Melon, Fresh Watermelon.

Fresh Vegetables from Israel:
Fresh Yaara Tomato, Fresh Cherry Tomato, Fresh Plum Tomato.
Fresh Pepper, Fresh Capsicum, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Potato.

Concentrated Juice:
Concentrated Fruit Juice, NFC (Not from Concentrate),
QF (Individual Quick Frozen), Fruits Oil.

Main Activities:
* Import & Export
   * Business Development 
      * Import Services: 
         * Advising & Consulting 
            * Sourcing
               * Quality Control 
                  * Logistics
                     * Forwarding